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Music for Ballroom and Sequence

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From professional piano performance to simply discovering the joy of music for the first time, the CVP-709 is truly a  musical entertainment center. It's the first CVP Clavinova featuring not one, but TWO world-class grand pianos (Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial) inside one digital piano. The Piano Room feature has been expanded to include more pianos and a new Session Mode with a built-in recording studio for capturing and sharing music. In addition to the NWX (Natural Wood X) keyboard with synthetic ivory keytops, the 88-key Linear Graded Hammer action dedicates a unique weight for each key over the entire keyboard. Each key also features carefully-adjusted counterweights for improved playability when playing pianissimo and better key return in rapid passages. The NWX keyboard also features an escapement mechanism that reproduces the feel of an acoustic piano as it goes through the let-off and drop of the hammer when a key is played very softly. Beyond the CVP-709's piano performance is a wealth of interactive musical features capable of making music.​

Holly Cottage Studios

Located in the beautiful Royal Forest Of Dean our new recording studio has been built and is the most inspirational place to play and record music.we are situated in the middle of the forest surrounded by 1000's of acres of larch, birch and Oak trees.

We have made the Studio soundproof to make sure we do not disturb the locals, and the wildlife. It is a real privilege to be able to work on my music in such an idyllic area, a lot of time for contemplation, and a real chill out place to arrange music.

The Studio is kitted out with the latest recording gear and of course, the Yamaha CVP 709, a truly remarkable instrument. we hope you enjoy our new albums and embrace the different sound that we are producing.

Jon Canning

Blitz Time Sally-Sally Holliday

Sally has been called a vocal chameleon.  People regularly comment on her broad vocal range and how she can adapt to suit the style of music.  Comments are frequently made by new listeners that they have mistaken her live performance for a CD playing.  

Sally is involved in numerous projects such as War time and old film song solo performances (which has become her main income), an operatic duo, medieval/rock acoustic duo, a Metal band and a Goth band.  She also does vocal session work which can vary hugely in style.   

Her work has taken her on European tours and major festivals.  It was during a performance at a Christmas event that Sally met Jon Canning and was thrilled to be introduced to his music and asked to accompany him on his new work.   She looks forward to delving into another style to add to her collection.

Find out more aboiut Sally on her Facebook page



Yamahas New Digital Piano WorkstationCVP709


The latest CD was recorded at Berry Hill Recording Studio. This studio combines value for money with a truly professional, personalized approach. For 20 years we've welcomed major labels and artists through our doors, as well as local and emerging talent. They offer an entire range of services including; recording, engineering and production, mixing and mastering, songwriting and development and on site accommodation and catering, all priced to suit the independent artist on a budget.

In-house producer and engineer John David is the real deal.  He has 40 years of experience as a recording artist and award winning songwriter and producer.  So whether you want to faithfully capture your live performance, or create great pop/rock or orchestral arrangements, John has a proven track record of helping artists get great results


The CD was produced by Nimbus Records at Wyastone Estate Limited‘Wyastone Leys’ is the name of the UK property owned by the founders of Nimbus since 1975. From this beautiful site in the Wye Valley we operate three music related businesses:

Wyastone is also the manufacturing and global distribution partner for ten other labels presenting classical, world, jazz and popular music.